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XK9’s Founders

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I’ve been tidying up some archives to save things to more stable media. $300 bought 2 terabytes of solid state storage from LaCie. This amazing little drive can be carried in a shirt pocket. It’s pretty remarkable, even in 2020.

One of the old files was this image created of Gus & Eddy. This was made as an Easter egg for the original XK9 Design website. Gus & Eddy were our spirited, beautiful, brilliant Yellow Labrador Retrievers. Danielle and I added them to our family days after we were married in July 1996. Our other pet, Camille, a confident Calico, was all of 8 pounds soaking wet. But she was able to dominate and control her new siblings.

Eddy & Gus were the inspiration for the XK9 logo that I created in 1999. I’ve said the logo depicts Gus’s face, and Eddy’s personality.

Gus grew to outweigh and outpower Eddy. Eddy was sharp and smart, and would often tangle with her lumbering littermate. She couldn’t resolve that despite her superior intelligence and wily nature, Gus could dominate her at will. Gus was a peaceful warrior. His method was simple and direct. When Eddy came at him, he would grab her firmly by the loose skin around her neck and shoulders, and slam her to the ground.

They were only occasionally rivals, and they were loved equally and totally.

Eddy was taken by abdominal cancer months after her tenth birthday. Gus was undone by tumors a little more than a year later on the eve of Thanksgiving. Camille would outlive her siblings by 5 years. These were delightful, amusing, and much beloved pets and members of our family. We will be forever grateful for their love and devotion. #dogislove

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