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Common Sense Media announced the creation of Common Sense Networks on December 15, 2020. They also announced the 2021 launch of Sensical, a TV network with three channels, for kids 2-12.


XK9 was delighted to assist in developing the brand identity for Sensical. The Sensical logo was drawn by XK9 Creative Director Bill Dawson, based on an idea by Megan Sherman of Common Sense. The other cornerstone in the brand’s image was the vibrant Sensical green. From those seeds, XK9 grew the brand identity to include patterns, a comprehensive color palette, a typography system, and logos for each of the three Sensical programming channels—Sensical 2up, Sensical 5up, and Sensical 8up. Those logos included more drawn lettering by Dawson. 



In addition to the logos, XK9 designed a symbol to represent Sensical. That symbol evolved from the dot atop the lowercase letter “i” in the Sensical logo. That dot on an i is called a tittle; XK9 affectionately referred to the Sensical symbol as the Skiddle. The name stuck. The Skiddle was created to be reminiscent of a smile, and a hug, and the letter S—as in Sensical, of course.


The graphic design for Sensical was a prelude to creating brand IDs to represent the new network. For those XK9 teamed with frequent collaborator Matt Sessions to develop a musical identity to go along with the animation. That musical identity was represented in three versions—a 5 second, 10 second and 15 second ID. Those IDs will remain under wraps until Sensical debuts in 2021.

XK9 collaborated with Megan Sherman of Common Sense Growth and Common Sense Networks CEO Eric Berger.


Common Sense Networks’ mission is to create and curate safe, age-appropriate and engaging content for kids and families. With streaming video, podcasts and more, Common Sense Networks is establishing a new benchmark in children’s digital media.

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